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Dec 31, About The Holy Bible: Korean Translation. The Holy Bible: This Bible translation was converted automatically from data files made available. Korean New Testament (pdf download) from trigvanrakarba.ga Online Audio Korean Bible and Study Bible · Free online verse-by-verse commentary for the Korean. This Bible translation was converted automatically from data files made available by the Unbound Bible project. Book names, introductions, titles, paragraphs.

Monday through Saturday, I would work for eight hours a day, with a few breaks and an hour for lunch. On Sunday I could rest, but I was only allowed to sit and watch TV, with just a few hours for reading or doing laundry. After a few months of this routine, I lost a lot of weight.

So they would send me to the hospital, where I would gain some of it back, and then return me to the labor camp. I was like a yo-yo, losing 20 pounds here and then gaining back about I suffered from malnutrition, arthritis, and other complications. What did you think about while you were working in the fields? There were at least two or three guards watching nearby. It was very intimidating. But once it got really hot, they would move away to find shade or a place to sit.

Mainly, I just focused on the work I was given, whether that was working the bean field, crushing core ash, digging a hole, moving rocks, or cleaning the road.

I thought, I just have to take one day at a time.

Thinking about family or people back home was difficult. So I tried to block those thoughts. Oftentimes I would just sing—different praise songs, Elvis tunes, and songs I enjoyed in high school choir.

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Later, I would receive a letter from my high school choir teacher, who had been thinking about me and rallying support from church friends and people at the school. Were you able to make relationships with your guards or staff?

Everybody knew I was a missionary and a pastor. They had heard about Christians, but had never seen a real Christian among them. I reminded myself that even though I was a prisoner, I was still a missionary. I would do family counseling or premarital counseling. One guard had a teenaged son who got sick a lot. So I gave him advice about taking vitamin C. One time, I learned that a human rights ambassador was coming to negotiate for my rescue. Thank you for everything.

I see you again next time. Stay a little longer, because we like talking to you. We had begun to build true friendship. Not that I know of. I was cautious about sharing the gospel, because if someone accepted Christ and someone else found out, that person was going to prison.

How come you look happier than us? Where does your joy come from? They had never heard anything like that before. But if God is real, then how are you still here? I never heard anything like this before. But I hoped the guards would see a glimpse of the gospel in me, so that something would happen even without me sharing the Word.

Someday, I would like to thank him in person. He at least believed he was trying to help. Because of his involvement, media attention increased. There were about 25, people in the auditorium for the game. And Rodman was sitting next to Kim Jong-un, smoking a cigar. It was unbelievable. No one can do that in North Korea. They made a documentary movie and showed it five times that week. He demanded that I do a press conference setting the record straight, and promised I would be let go if I did.

But instead, they sent me back to labor camp, in the middle of winter. It was soul-crushing.

But I believe all this attention triggered more negotiation for my release. President Obama mentioned me during the [] National Prayer Breakfast. Could US Christians have done more to support you? I was overwhelmed to learn how many people were calling for my release. During those years in North Korea, I never felt like I was alone or abandoned, because I could feel their prayers and support. I received more than letters.

Holy Bible: Korean Translation

Not only from Americans, but from around the world. It was a tremendous help, especially whenever I started to lose hope. When I came home, so many people recognized me. The first Protestant missionary, a Presbyterian medical doctor, had landed in , just 44 years earlier.

My husband was a young boy in the northern part of Korea when Mr. Kinsler came out to join the mission. Sam has fond early memories of Fran Kinsler as his basketball coach. After graduating from Maryville college and then from Princeton Seminary he had been appointed by the Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions in response to an urgent plea that someone was needed for work among Koreans living up in Manchuria and Mongolia. He did make several trips up there during his first four years on the field, but by the Japanese were 2 tightening their hold and there was such unrest in those far northern regions that travel and work there was impossible.

So he gave more of his time to teaching in Soongsil Christian College in Pyengyang. Pyengyang station at about that time was the largest Presbyterian mission station anywhere in the world.

Forty years earlier it was known as the "Wicked City", famous for its street gangs, its dancing girls and tiger hunters. But by , just 36 or 37 years after the first Christian missionary work was begun there, some Korean Christians were calling it "Yerrusalem", because there were already so many Christians and churches.

In addition to teaching in the college, Francis Kinsler was also assigned by his fellow missionaries to itinerate through a circuit of country villages mostly by bicycle or sometimes by bus , holding Bible classes, preaching, examining candidates for baptism and church membership, and teaching.

But in his walks between home and school and out traveling in the countryside, he noticed hundreds of children who had nothing to do all day long and late into the evening but to play and idle away their time along the roadsides and alleys.

And they were not in the churches, either.

Not only that, but many young beggars were starving and in winter were freezing in and around the city, as well. Fran Kinsler's conscience began troubling him about this and he also recognized that it was a remarkable opportunity for Christians to reach these children and lead them to the Lord. Much later, during the years that I served in Korea we had a visit about once a year from a Methodist evangelist whose name was Harry Denman.

He often told us, "If you want to win a whole city or a whole nation to Christ you've got to reach the school-age youngsters". That's true in America today, too. And in our own Presbyterian Churches. If we want renewal in our Presbyterian Church and change in our society we must reach the young. Fortunately, a young man from your Haddonfield Church knew that sixty years ago and began an extraordinary ministry which grew into what we know in Korea today as the Bible Club Movement.

It was one of the great privileges of my life to serve as director of the Bible Clubs during the last six years we were in Korea. I used to enjoy the name "clubs" because I could tell Sam, "I won't be home tonight, honey, I'm going to one of the "night clubs". Bible Clubs there are really 3 Christian schools. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Let me go back and pick up with how they started.

Do you remember that I told you how troubled your young missionary, Francis Kinsler, was at seeing so many throngs of idle children everywhere? Finally one cold winter night back in he gathered several homeless boys off the streets of Pyengyang and found shelter for them in a warm room above the Christian book store in town.

They kept coming back night after night. By Spring the room was filled each night with boys. They were learning to sing, to read, to write and to pray. They were also hearing about a Father God who so loved them that He sent his only Son into the world that all might believe in Him and have Life abundant both now and forever. As time went on more young people came along also and other Club groups began meeting in some of the Presbyterian mission buildings in Pyengyang. And then city churches opened their doors to the Clubs and before long there were Clubs meeting in rural churches in the area, also.

Nksv Korean Bible Revised

At first there was no curriculum of instruction, so Mr. Kinsler had to develop one step by step. He also began to pore over his Bible to look for a Scriptural foundation for the Christian Education of young people. He had no particular training in that field but he knew where to look for guidance and started carefully reading the Gospels for leads. As he was reading over and over the book of Luke, certain passages began to stand out.

I've just read two of them to you. Here they are again: Luke "And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man. Kinsler thought, "hmm Jesus increased in wisdom": that's a search for truth; it has to do with the maturing and renewing of the mind. Then, Jesus "increased in stature"; this has to do with the maturing and renewing of the body - good nourishment and exercise and clean living which lead to robust health.

He also increased "in favor with God": That means proper nourishment of the eternal spirit within -the maturing and renewing of the soul. And he increased "in favor with man", or with fellow human beings. This shows the importance of maturing in healthy social relationships and in consciousness of the dignity and needs of others.Efik Bible - New Testament.

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And it was Dr. It is about time for us to move into the Valleys and we are going to plant 12 churches in those 14 valleys. Mentawai Bible - New Testament.

Tobelo Bible - New Testament. Much later, during the years that I served in Korea we had a visit about once a year from a Methodist evangelist whose name was Harry Denman.

What did you think about while you were working in the fields? Stay a little longer, because we like talking to you.

They kept coming back night after night.

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