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Could you please send me a copy of Colters' Wife in pdf format. Unfortunately I had downloadd at site and their site for PC shut down. Thank you. Suhailh . For the first time, Colters' Woman and the two short story sequels, Colters' Wife and Callie's Meadow are now available in one edition and are listed in the order . Revisit the Colter family just in time for the birth of their first child. Colters' Wife is the epilogue to Colters' Woman by Maya Banks. In Colters' Woman, Holly.

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It was as if they made such proclamations every day.

She shook her head and speared another piece of egg with her fork. How could such a relationship work?

Jealousy would be inevitable. And things would be much more difficult for her than for any of them.

Three men to please, put up with, all different. The mere idea of the complexities involved in the situation made her head ache even harder.

Ethan was the easiest going of the three brothers. She relaxed around him. It was a natural reaction.

And even though he had gone to great lengths to make her feel at ease, she knew he could be dangerous when crossed. He exuded power and authority, wore it like a mantle draped around him.

For Lily Weston, home is a secluded nook in a back alley--until Seth offers her a place to stay.

She's wary of his offer, but even one night out of the cold is too much temptation to resist. Seth is convinced Lily is his. The problem is, when his brothers lay eyes on her, the same primitive instinct comes roaring to the surface.

The Colters never imagined they'd follow the unconventional path of their fathers, but they can't ignore their mutual need to offer Lily their protection--and their love. But before Lily and the brothers can forge a future together, they must heal the deep wounds of her past.

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Place a Hold You must be logged in first. Pickup at. The information below is included in your interlibrary loan request.There are a few problems, however, like convincing her she belongs with them and keeping her safe from the man who wants her dead.

Maya Banks has done America one of the greatest services any writer possibly could have; she has shown, in graphic, uncompromising, Maya Banks, Colters' Wife Samhain Publishing, I promised myself—actually, I swore to myself—I would not read Colters' Wife, which stands as kind of book 1.

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Holly is lovely and the guys are so adorable. October 1, at But it made it even that much harder for me for to care for the characters, as I really couldn't relate to them at all. I certainly won't argue with those reviewers who cautioned me to read the first book first, but it does work well as a stand-alone Banks mentions a few events from the first book, but gives enough detail in an economical enough space that you can get your head around the emotional quirks that follow from said events , which is pretty amazing these days, when every author just HAS to set up a sequel in the final pages, y'know?

Hard to rate this one.

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